My name is Caroline and I’m a food-loving Francophile from Atlanta. Whether I’m enjoying it at a restaurant or from my own kitchen, food is my one true love.

Over the years, Pamplemousse has become my food diary as I’ve reported on every delicious morsel consumed and great restaurant I’ve dined in.

My passion stems from my time studying abroad in Paris in 2010. While living with a host family, I became fascinated with my French maman‘s home-cooked meals. Each course was delicately prepared and well, delicious. Outside of her kitchen, I discovered my own food obsessions in the city, which inspired a lot of what I love to eat today. From chèvre to blanquette du veau, Paris hypnotized me with its culinary craft.

For years people have started to identify themselves as “foodies” and I admittedly joined the epidemic in 2011 with the launch of this blog. That summer I left for the big city – New York City, that is. I took along my Southern appetite dusted with a little Parisian goût to what I consider the capital of good eats. Since then, I haven’t stopped blogging. Everywhere I go, you’ll find me obnoxiously snapping pictures of my plate and scribbling in my notebook. And I PROMISE I was doing it before Instagram became first instinct when food is delivered to the table…


I grew up in Atlanta and graduated with a B.A. in strategic communications from Elon University. After completing my studies, I decided to take a year off and move to Paris. In order to afford eating out, I had the opportunity to work as an au pair for a French family during my stay. Five nights a week, I was in their kitchen whipping up nutritious dinners for four picky palettes.

My year in France not only gave me a chance to live independently and develop my French skills, but also presented more time to dedicate to the blog.The Paris food scene became my playground of endless research opportunities and I was able to take cooking classes –in French and English – to learn everything from the basics of baguette making to French pastry technique.

After a year of la vie à Paris, I was forced to come back to reality and get a big girl job. I was blessed to find an opportunity that merged my public relations experience with my passion for food for The Reynolds Group in Atlanta, where I work exclusively with restaurant and hospitality clients.

I’m in love with the way the “foodie” trend has taken off. While food itself is my favorite part of blogging, I also have a growing fascination with the farm-to-table movement, restaurant design and events that revolve around food. It’s a great time to be working so closely with the Atlanta food industry, as the dining scene continues to buzz and grow. While I love trying out the new, popular places, I’m a sucker for finding Atlanta’s hidden gems and pledging my loyalty to old favorites. As an Atlanta native, I’m familiar with different pockets of the city and enjoy stumbling upon new places.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All content is based on my own personal experiences and all opinions are subjective. I receive no compensation or financial incentive for my posts. Any mention of restaurant clients from my company is on my own accord and not an endorsement. 

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  1. Hi Caroline ,
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    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  3. Hello Caroline!

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    Looking very much forward and best regards,

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