What to feed your French boyfriend in America…


Yes, this is the latest question on my mind. Where to take a guy that’s been raised on gourmet home-cooked meals à table, fresh ingredients and zero education on Mexican cuisine?

How do I introduce him to my obsession with dining out in the A? And my dependency on burritos and country fried cooking? While I tote him along to all my favorites in town, I’m especially focused on introducing Harold to every morsel of deliciousness that doesn’t exist in his monde.

Alors, here is what I’ve managed to add to the itinerary…

  • BBQ – When the French think of the term, “barbecue” they’re minds wander to the hamburger and hotdog variety avec ketchup et moutarde. Alas, it’s time to introduce my Frenchie to the wonders of pulled pork, smoked brisket, sloppy sauce and all the fixin’s. My pick? None other than Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, of course!
  • SOUTHERN & FRIED – While lip smackin’ BBQ will be his first intro to the South’s finest, another meal will be dedicated solely to Southern, fried perfection. I’m talking fried chicken, fried okra, mac and cheese, etc. There’s only one place to introduce my Parisian to this kind of menu and that’s at Mary Mac’s Tea Room. And with the après Sunday church crowd of course, for that extra Southern effect.
  • MEXICAN –  While Paris has  its share of burrito and taco pop-ups, and obnoxious sombrero and Mariachi smothered joints, authentic Mexican – and at the very least Tex-Mex –  fare aren’t common. It’s time for enchiladas, fajitas and cheese dip for mon monsieur. Okay, okay some of this may be pushing “authentic” but they’re authentic in my heart.
  • THANKSGIVING – Perhaps the grand finale of this trip to America is Thanksgiving. For a guy whose never celebrated Turkey Day, I’m going to let him run wild on my family’s overflowing table of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. A Thanksgiving menu might as well be its own exotic cuisine, because I’m doubting he’s every paired sweet potatoes with marshmallows or fried onions on green beans. I’m awaiting this foreign food coma to jolt him and make him realize that America is in fact, the bomb.

Wish me luck. Follow me on Instagram for updates.



3 thoughts on “What to feed your French boyfriend in America…

  1. Love this! (He’s going to enjoy Southern BBQ, that’s for sure!) I remember trying to show my ex-boyfriend (Chilean) the diversity and deliciousness of American food and all he wanted was TGI Friday’s… sigh.

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