La Petite Cour

The Saint Germain-des-Près area of Paris is packed with famous cafés, intimate bistros and other fine dining options. In celebration of my friend’s last night in Paris, we chose to dine right below my apartment at La Petite Cour, on rue Mabillon.

I had been eyeing the place for months, especially as warm weather has swooped in and the awning has been drawn from the restaurant’s beautiful terrace. La Petite Cour immediately catches your eye, as it’s located below the street. The view from my window (and the noise from the patio) left me intrigued to experience dining there myself, so I was happy when we finally did.

It’s impossible to miss your reservation when it requires stepping out of your apartment and walking down five flights of stairs. We requested to sit à l’exterior and were overjoyed by the coincidence of Paris’ Fête de la Musique taking place on the same evening as our meal. The streets were buzzing with locals listening to live musicians on every street corner, providing the perfect setting for a last Parisian meal tous ensemble.

While the dining experience was wonderful, the food sadly didn’t impress me as much. Some of my friends lucked out with the Magret de canard rôti avec jus chocolat épicé, or roasted duck with spicy chocolate sauce. The rest of us, however, had to endure a not-so-yummy cabillaud, or cod served with seasonal vegetables in a cocotte, a cast-iron individual sized pot. I rarely blog about bad meals but since the overall experience at La Petite Cour was magical, I can’t hold a bad filet of fish against them. Despite my tasteless dish, I wouldn’t trade the joy of sitting at one of the quarter’s most enchanting restaurants for anything.

IMG_7075 IMG_7076 IMG_7084 IMG_7083La Petite Cour, 8 rue Mabillon (6th)

M: Mabillon



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