Al Taglio

I have heard nothing but amazing things about Al Taglio through reviews and word-of-mouth so I headed to the 11th arrondissement last weekend to check it out. My friends and I were glued to the window of huge rectangular-shaped pizzas fresh from the oven. Wait around long enough and you will see new flavors replacing devoured ones, otherwise you get what pizzas are out au moment.

We originally came for the Patate e tartufo, topped with potatoes slices and truffle cream, but gave into temptation and took what was available. The pay-by-weight system works great for groups, as we ordered an array of slices to share between three of us including the Zucchini with zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes, Bufala e basilico with buffalo mozzarella and basil and Proscuitto cotto with ham and mozzarella. For dessert, we shared a slice of the Focaccia Nutella. 

Just as we inhaled our last bite and could barely move, the truffle pizza came out.  Attempting to push through the pain, I went up to the window and gazed down at the beautiful pie laden with cream and potatoes. My head said, “Yes!” but my stomach said, “Hells-to-the-no.” I wish I could say I’ll be back to give it a try in the future, but with only two weeks left in Paris – and lots more to devour – I most likely won’t. But by all means, please go devour a slice in my honor.

IMG_7243 IMG_7244 IMG_7248Al Taglio, 2 bis, rue Neuve-Popincourt (11th)

M: Parmentier (3)


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