4th of July: A Time to Remember My Favorite American Foods

In honor of my dear ole country today, I’m remembering the food I miss most back home the most, some of which I’d probably be digging into on this special day if I wasn’t here. I look forward to over-indulging in these American favorites in five weeks (GASP), but for now I’ll celebrate their memory…

Happy 4th of July, y’all!

  1. Cheese dip – It’s amazing how rare some good ol’ Tex Mex queso is in this world. C’mon France, fondue just doesn’t cut it.  IMG_4265
  2. BBQ – Pulled pork, chicken, ribs…you name it, I want it sauced up with coleslaw. Mmm!

  3. Fried okra – I’ve learned during my time abroad that many people in other parts of the U.S. – and the world for that matter – have never heard of okra. Do your research, y’all.  IMG_2026
  4. Macaroni & cheese – I’ve seen far too many failed attempts at macaroni and cheese, which seems ironic since France is the cheese capital du monde. Can’t a girl get a bowl of ooey gooey, cheesy mac?   smoked gouda mac & cheese
  5. Cheap American beer – I’ve enjoyed drinking real beers this past year, but sometimes a girl just wants a can of the cheap stuff…decorated with an American flag, of course! budweiser-patriotic-can
  6. Buffalo chicken dip – The photo below illustrates my obsession with buffalo chicken dip, as it was demolished in 0.5 seconds. Ah, what a masterpiece ranch, buffalo sauce and chicken can create…IMG_1807
  7. Biscuits – Specifically bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. With all the bread in this country you would think the biscuit would appear but sadly it hasn’t.  IMG_2688
  8. Ranch – I’m not so much a ranch dressing on salad kinda gal; I prefer my ranch for dipping, whether it be with fries, wings, chips and other fried things. Where the ranch at?
  9. Wings – There’s few things more satisfying than a plate of wings and a pitcher of beer. It may actually be the greatest American pair. 
  10. Fish tacos – While I miss tacos in general, I especially miss fish tacos during the summer months. Nothing makes me happier than flour tortillas stuffed with fried fish, cilantro cream sauce and veggies. 

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