Berthillon Ice Cream on Île Saint-Louis

Hot summer days in Paris means one thing: ice cream on Île Saint-Louis. Berthillon ice cream, that is.

It all began in 1954 when Raymond Berthillon decided to make ice cream. He decided to go the all-natural, using only the freshest ingredients instead of chemical preservatives or artificial flavoring. Today the business is still run by Monsieur Berthillon’s family and has expanded all over Paris. While you can find Berthillon ice cream carts around the city, any Parisian will tell you to get your scoop(s) on Île Saint-Louis, where it all began.

On Sunday, my friends and I took a scenic stroll along the river, passed Notre Dame and crossed over to the small island. My cornet of peach and cherry sorbet was worth the wait in line, which grows longer and longer throughout the summer. We took our heaping cones to the edge of the Seine, where we sprawled out by the water to take in the sun and enjoy our ice cream.
IMG_6956 IMG_6957 IMG_6959


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