Escargot, anybody?

When I think of eating escargot, the Olsen twins’ experience in Passport to Paris  comes to mind. How can you forget the best movie from the Olsen collection?

I finally got my first taste of snails Le Polidor during my mom’s visit last week. Why has it taken me so long? Je ne sais pas. But instead of nervously chucking them out of their shell and onto the waiter’s forehead like charming little MK & A, I surprisingly savored each bite.

Eating snails is an art form. You take a pair of special tongs to strategically hold the shell while using a small fork to dig out the meat, which is heavily doused in garlic and butter. Et voilà, escargot!

IMG_1589 IMG_1590I liked them so much that I had another round with my friend’s parents the following week at café by the Eiffel Tower…

IMG_5915And a few days after that at Le Moulin de la Galette

IMG_5995Is escargot my new favorite French food? No, but I finally understand why people enjoy eating snails.


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