Breizh Café

Since I’ve been in Paris, everyone and their mother has raved about the crêpes and galettes from Breizh Café. Finally after securing a much-needed reservation, some friends and I stopped by for lunch a few weeks ago.

The restaurant is so popular at lunchtime that even with a reservation, we were seated at the adjoining épicerie. The quiet shop is lined with shelves full of take-away treats and cooking products and features a center table for up to six guests. At first I was bummed to be sitting so far away, but eventually felt like we were getting the VIP treatment away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. If you aren’t able to get a table, be sure to stop by this store to splurge on fun foodie gifts.


The galettes, or savory crêpes at Breizh are made in traditional Brittany style using buckwheat flour. It was almost impossible to choose one from the endless list of tasty filling concoctions but we finally settled on the artichoke, ham, gruyere, egg and mushroom, ham, gruyere galettes. Unlike the traditional wrap that you find on the street, crêpes at Breizh are folded into a square and served on a plate – perfect for an oozing egg yolk!

IMG_1533 IMG_1537 IMG_1534

For dessert, the four of us split two sweet crêpes: chocolate banana and apple caramel. Topped with ice cream and filled with warm apple compote and caramel, the apple caramel crêpe stole the show, bite after bite.

IMG_1540 IMG_1541

As much as I love street crêpes, they just don’t quite match up to these. If you’re looking for a true galette bretonne, go no further than the Marais. Cheap and delicious with a cult following, Breizh can’t be beat.

Breizh Café, 111 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris (3rd)

M: Saint-Sébastien-Froissart



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