South of France: Cassis

As I mentioned before, my friends and I weren’t too crazy about Marseille during our south of France vacation. With that said, we were especially grateful for the suggestion to do a day trip in Cassis while there. We strolled through the picturesque French countryside from the train station to the coast (25 minute walk), admiring each passing vineyard, view of les Calanques and the lovely town.

We chose to have lunch at El Sol, one of the many restaurants lining the marina. Its inviting outdoor seating area and reasonably-priced menu reeled us in. For 28 euros, I chose the entrée + plat + dessert menu option, which included soupe de poissons (fish soup), moules à la marinière (mussels) and crème brulée. A virgin to fish soup, I was a bit surprised with how fishy it actually was. The mussels, however, were outstanding, doused and dripping in a creamy white wine sauce. 

Christie made the mistake of ordering petites fritures de poisson, which she originally thought would be like fried fish fritters. Well, she got fish fritters all right – literally, small fish caught and immediately thrown into the fryer. Their beady eyes met hers in horror. We all gave them a try, but unfortunately none of us were sold. Even though we were embarrassed by our disgust, our patient and friendly waiter laughed along with us and even brought us complimentary champagne to toast Jenna’s birthday. Santé! 

IMG_1503 IMG_1511

IMG_5157 IMG_5158 IMG_5160 IMG_5162 IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167


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