Cantine California

Lately I’ve mentioned certain American food trends that have made their way into the Parisian dining scene. Like BBQfro-yo and cupcakes, I’ve recently found another favorite of mine…food trucks.

This past weekend, some friends and I finally decided to chase down one of Paris’ most popular food trucks, Cantine California. Street food has always been a major part of the culture here so it’s no surprise that the American concept has become all the rage. Created by an American, Cantine California serves up classic California favorites like gourmet burgers and tacos. The ingredients behind the truck’s famous menu items are certified organic, sourced directly from French producers.


IMG_4659 IMG_4658
IMG_4660The last time I dined by a food truck was in the unbearable Atlanta heat this past summer. While the steam from the grills paired with the upper 90-degree temperatures seemed sweltering, I have fond memories of enjoying an ice cold lemonade and grilled cheese at picnic tables with friends and enjoying the lazy, hazy days of July. Ah how I miss the Atlanta Food Truck Park

Fast-forward to February in Paris when cold is an understatement. It’s FREEZING. I didn’t let my shivers stop me from waiting in line for a delicious lunch at Cantine California. Le camion was parked around Le Marché St. Honoré full of a devoted (and hungry) crowd. While most of my friends opted for burgers, Mackenzie and I chose the Tacos de Pollo with grilled chicken, homemade chipotle red tomato salsa, cilantro, lime and guacamole served in flour tortillas with a side of black beans. While our tacos were delicious, we both suffered from major buyer’s remorse as we watched our friends chomp away on burgers like the Classic Cali (organic beef, cheddar, organic bacon, tomato, red onion, pickles, lettuce, avocado, homemade sauce), The Dude (organic beef, beaufort cheese, organic bacon, caramelized onions, blackened red peppers, tomato, lettuce, homemade sauce) and The Obama (organic beef, roquette, gouda, homemade sauce, guacamole, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes).

IMG_4665 IMG_4663


Cupcakes weren’t on the agenda for Saturday but how delish do the ones above look? We also learned that milkshakes are in the works, as the Cantine team is currently figuring out blender logistics. I’m thinking these rumored milkshakes will be the perfect addition to my food truck outings as spring weather approaches. For now, give me a hot plate, y’all!

For more information about Cantine California and its up-to-date location, visit the truck’s website, Twitter or Facebook.


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