Farewell my sweet(s)…

It’s that time of year again. Just one month after making the New Years resolution to be healthy, work out and stop eating junk, the world is back to check up on you. You’re just beginning to hit a wall and go back to your old ways of eating sweets, skipping the gym and if you’re me, overdosing on buttered baguettes (#AuPairProblems). Why yes, Lent has arrived…just in time to whip you back into resolution shape.

Last year I gave up fried food and “hot cheesy things” with my friend E.J. Well, he skipped out on the weird cheese rule but together we got through 40 days and nights without anything fried. For two foodies like us, it was a remarkable feat, thus we rewarded ourselves on Easter Sunday with a “Fried Fest”. From early afternoon until night, we worked in his kitchen to fry up everything we could think of including macaroni + cheese balls, chicken and fries. Here’s a flashback of our celebration…


This year, I’ve decided to be especially strict and give up sweets. I was never a sugar person before moving to France. The idea of too much dessert made me nauseous and I always chose salty and savory snacks. Within days of living in Paris, everything changed. Suddenly I couldn’t walk past a pâtisserie without feeding my sugar addiction. Days are possessed with temptation of pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), tarte au citron (lemon tartlettes) and èclairs. On the weekend my friends and I make pit stops for macarons and gelato while at work during the week, I’m constantly racing to the Nutella jar. It’s time to break the habit and go back to my salty ways. I’m hoping that over six weeks of no sweets will rid me of my addiction and get me back on track. There’s one exception. For blogging purposes, if I’m ever traveling during the next 40 days or find a sugary “blog-ortunity” in Paris, I’ll have a taste. ONE taste.


As a tribute to the death of sweets in my life, here’s an ode to some of my favorite French sweet treats…

IMG_0171 IMG_0229 IMG_0244 IMG_0415 IMG_0433 IMG_0485 IMG_0518 IMG_1035

IMG_4307 IMG_4328 IMG_4379 IMG_4596 IMG_4637


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