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Finding BBQ and fro-yo in Paris within 24 hours = winning.

While strolling around the Odéon neighborhood, my first fro-yo sighting in Paris stopped me in my tracks. As the fashion capital du monde, you would think that would include the most fashionable food trends as well. Paris recently caught onto the cupcake obsession and finally, it mylk is bringing fro-yo to Parisians.

The all-natural, non-fat yogurt comes from local farms – trendy, n’est-ce pas? For toppings you can choose from fresh fruit and pâtisseries maison such as mini macarons, green tea cake, brownies, chocolate chips, caramel bursts and speculoos. The subtle French influences makes it a unique fro-yo experience, unlike what we find in America. The more toppings you want, the emptier your wallet so I restrained myself and only ordered two toppings: palets de chocolat blanc (white chocolate chips) and speculoos. 

For those unfamiliar with speculoos (I only discovered it two months ago), it is a spiced cookie similar to gingerbread that is found all over Europe. In Brussels, I had it in my chocolate truffles and here in Paris, I’ve found it for sale in peanut butter form at grocery stores. At it mylk, I had it crumbled like graham cracker crumbs atop my yogurt – très délicieux!


Yogurt toppings


Cute nook to enjoy your froyoMegan modeling her plain yogurt + strawberry compote confection!Chocolate yogurt + white chocolate chips + speculoos

it mylk is definitely no Yogli-Mogli or Yo-Zone, but it will satisfy the fro-yo itch that most Americans have developed over the last few years. If you’re not in the mood for frozen yogurt, check out some of their other specialties including big chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes.

Check out one of their several locations in Paris.


4 thoughts on “it mylk

  1. Looks awesome – I totally want to try this place! And if you like froyo (which it appears, you do!), you need to check out MyBerry in the 4th! The lines can get a bit long, but it’s pretty delicious… it’s a lot like Pinkberry. 🙂

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