Blues BBQ in Paris

BBQ + Paris = two things I never thought I would hear in the same sentence.

No, you’re not dreaming…there is barbecue in Paris, y’all! (Gasp).

I was waiting until my tastebuds were in desperate need of some ‘cue before trying Blues BBQ. The restaurant sticks out like a sore thumb along rue Sedaine, exuding that good ol’ red, white and blue American pride. I thought I’d teleported home for a second when I saw cans of Dr. Pepper for sale (rare in Paris) and a menu full of ribs, pulled pork and even macaroni and cheese. Fo r a culture that loves meat and cheese, you would think the BBQ technique would have diffused to Paris long ago.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Burger with a special request for coleslaw on top and a side of mac. Portion size at Blues BBQ is the definition of France meets America. The sandwich was served on a huge bun packed full of meat (total American move) while the side of macaroni and cheese contained maybe five noodles at most (total French move). The lack of mac was disappointing but my thighs are thanking the small portion size.

Blues BBQ, ladies and gentlemen!

Blues BBQ, ladies and gentlemen!


Notice the macaroni and cheese portion compared to the sandwich...

Notice the macaroni and cheese portion compared to the sandwich…

Close-up of BBQ goodness

Close-up of BBQ goodness

While I do prefer my hole-in-the-wall, sawdust-on-the-floor, country cookin’ BBQ joints back home, Blue BBQ will do for the rest of my time in Paris. The food was on point, my belly was left full and I’m already looking forward to my next visit. If you didn’t think true barbecue could be found abroad, come take a bite and see for yourself.

Blues BBQ, 1 rue Sedaine, Paris (11th)


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