Laï-Laï Ken

After splurging at La Pharmacie the night before, my friends and I sought out something more reasonable for dinner on Saturday. With a craving for something Asian, we ventured around Pyramides to find an authentic, delicious place similar to neighboring Naniwa-Ya. We settled on the first place we strolled by – Laï-Laï Ken. I’m still unsure which Asian cuisine the restaurant falls under, but we got a nice taste of Chinese, Japanese and Thai all in one meal.

Each of us chose the 14.50 euro formule, which included dumplings, main dish, rice, soup and dessert. I have a feeling that all of the Asian spots along Rue Sainte-Anne are sure to please, but if you’re looking for something low-key and yummy, Laï-Laï Ken gets the job done.

Note to self: don’t order the Chinese sake. We were in the mood for a little aperitif to kick off our night but unfortunately chose wrong when ordering this sake. I don’t recommend the caramel-y, woody flavor of rice wine as it was almost impossible to finish the pot between the four of us. And this is coming from a true lover of sake.

Chinese sake

Chinese sake

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Sticky rice

Sticky rice

Tapioca dessert

Tapioca dessert with a questionably nutty filling

Laï-Laï Ken, 7 rue Sainte-Anne (1st)


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