5 Best Things I Ate in 2012: Europe Edition

Since I split 2012 in the U.S. and Europe, it only makes sense to make a separate “Best Things I Ate” post dedicated to the deliciousness that Western Europe has fed me. Voilà…

  1. Crème Brulée Macaron (Pierre Hermé, Paris) I’ve always been a Ladurée loyalist since my virgin macaron days. Even though I still take visitors there for a taste of Paris’ finest, the most delicious macaron I had this year came from Pierre Hermé, Ladurée’s notorious rival. The soft texture and combination of caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavors makes the crème brulée macaron stand out from   others.


    Crème Brulée macaron from Pierre Hermé

  2. Food Market (Borough Market, London) There’s not enough time or words to explain how much I love London’s Borough Market. It’s every foodie’s dreamland, filled with every type of cuisine and endless free samples. Sadly I couldn’t get a taste of everything the market had to offer but certain jams, pies, salsas, cheeses and burgers deserve honorable mention. Read more about my three-hour visit to the market here.


    A sample of delicious foods offered at Borough Market

  3. Black Truffle Risotto (Kwint, Brussels) In my 23 years of living, the best meal I’ve ever had was the black truffle risotto at the swanky restaurant, Kwint in Brussels. Creamy and packed with irresistible black truffle flavor, this dish shall never be forgotten. I would spend 25 euros every night just to have it on my table. Okay maybe not, but if I was rich and could afford it, I would. Read more about this divine birthday dinner here.


    Black Truffle Risotto at Kwint

  4. Hot Stroop Wafels (Amsterdam) Hot, gooey, cinnamon, caramel heaven. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a stroop wafel hot off the griddle in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect addition to any breakfast, snack or dessert (or all three!). Read more about these delectable treats here.


    Modeling my first hot stroopwafel

  5. Ham & Cheese Toastie (WOS Bar, Paris) My fellow bar-going friends are probably laughing as they read this, but late at night after a few too many 1664 Blanche’s, I crave nothing more than a ham and cheese toastie from Wide Open Spaces Bar. Essentially a grilled cheese, this “toastie” has something extra mysterious and special in between the two slices of white bread. It may not be my first choice during daylight hours, but après midnight you’ll find me posted up at the bar digging into a toastie fresh from the grill…or however they make it.

Ham & Cheese Toastie

Check out the American edition here.


One thought on “5 Best Things I Ate in 2012: Europe Edition

  1. I should try that Crème Brulée Macaron when I go to paris.
    I have plan to go to paris and I really like cooking and eating
    So while I am finding some academy that can learn cooking, I found your blog, so intersting:)
    Thanks a lot your amazing experiences and information!

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