Chez Aline

These days, there’s no better feeling than scratching off another restaurant from my bucket list. Lucy and I met up for lunch at Chez Aline last week, a sandwich hotspot that has gotten countless reviews. Previously a butcher shop, the restaurant maintains its boucherie charm with an old-school tiling, counter and narrow seating space. The retro decoration of the place reeled me in from the second I passed by. I also couldn’t help but laugh at the play on words – “chevaline” means horse meat, which is what the old butcher shop was known for selling. They smacked a creative “Z” in the middle to give it a fun look (and name) while maintaining its original sign.


At 1pm, the place was just getting busy. This is a problem during the cold months with Chez Aline’s very limited seating. We went through the line, hoping a seat would open up before paying, but unfortunately were forced to get our sandwiches à emporter (to-go) and eat and walk. The handwritten chalkboard menu is a bit difficult to decipher, thus we selected based on what we could understand. It was one of those moments that I didn’t feel like revealing my American identity and butchering (no pun intended) every other word that I read.


Thankfully Lucy recognized Prince de Paris ham (apparently very good ham), so we both ordered sandwiches with Prince de Paris, pesto and faiselle de chèvre (goat cheese). I could taste the quality in my sandwich. Each crunchy bite  of the baguette was filled with soft, tangy goat cheese, homemade grainy pesto and quality ham. Even if you have to eat it on the go, a Chez Aline sandwich is worth the walk in the cold.


It was hard to get a good picture while on-the-go

Chez Aline, 85 rue de la Roquette


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