Cinnamon in London

London’s culinary scene is international, to say the least. And indulging in a good Indian meal is always at the top of my list when visiting.

On a Saturday night, Rachel and I ventured east to Brick Lane – a neighborhood full of Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern delights. Similar to Passage Brady in Paris, the street is swarmed with men trying to reel you into dining at their restaurant. We chose to eat at Cinnamon, a place that several friends had recommended.

Like its neighboring restaurants, Cinnamon is nothing special in terms of design. As I sat waiting to order, I wondered how such an unassuming place could crank out such delicious food. But then I got to thinking that the reason we go to a restaurant is to eat. Sure it’s great when effort is put into making the atmosphere woo diners, but sometimes I think we let the design overpower our taste buds. At places like Cinnamon, their prime concern is putting good food on the table. This means (at least I hope) that they’re spending money on authentic spices and quality ingredients versus furniture, decoration and promotion. But hey, a girl can still love her beautifully decorated eatery.

I was very lucky to have Rachel across the table from me because she had recently studied abroad in India earlier this year. Even though I love Indian food, I rarely stray from my Chicken Tikka Masala, naan and curry. Since I had an Indian food whiz with me, I tried some new things like Vegetable Korma, a creamy and mild dish and Paratha, an Indian flatbread similar to naan.


Delicious sauces that accompanied our Papadum


Indian Curry with Chicken


Vegetable Korma


Chicken Tikka Masala



When visiting London, remember that there’s more to eat than fish and chips. It’s one of the world’s most international cities so take advantage and have an authentic meal at a place like Cinnamon.

Cinnamon, 134 Brick Lane, London


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