The Parisian Battle of Burritos: BocaMexa vs. Chido

Just when I thought I kissed my last burrito goodbye three months ago, I found out that my apartment is located equidistance between two burrito joints on Rue Mouffetard. Even though Chipotle exists now in Paris – and yes, I’ve already been twice – it’s exciting to see local burrito concepts popping up throughout the city. I’m sure there are several others to compete for the title of Best Burrito in Paris, but for now there’s BocaMexa and Chido – located 10 minutes apart from one another.

One cold, lonesome night I sauntered up to Chido for a burrito-to-go. The sweet, sweet reunion with sour cream and guacamole caused me to consume it like a starving dog leaving no pictures or memory behind.

My friend in Paris was alarmed to hear me rave about my Chido experience and claimed that BocaMexa was the superior choice. I headed to BocaMexa last weekend to give it a try and see for myself. Everything looked amazing behind the glass  – slow-cooked, shredded chicken, grilled peppers and onions and guacamole. But a good burrito (in my opinion) isn’t a wet, sloppy mess; it’s organized. BocaMexa failed at this. The chicken marinade seeped through the burrito, mixing in with the sour cream, guacamole and other toppings. Because of this, I wasn’t able to savor each ingredient. Now don’t get me wrong – it was delicious. But in terms of what I was looking for, it didn’t quite get the job done.


My experience at BocaMexa made me rethink my Chido burrito so I returned a few days later to compare notes. What BocaMexa lacks in burrito composition, Chido lacks in service and atmosphere. I didn’t feel as welcome there and the burrito-maker was a bit careless with my creation. The burrito also wasn’t wrapped properly, however the inside made up for it – no runny sauce, even distribution and balance of textures.

Chido gets a gold star for flavor and composition, therefore making it the winner. This doesn’t mean I dislike BocaMexa because even though it lacked in certain areas, it still tasted damn good and hit the burrito spot. Decide for yourself!

Chido burrito

A complaint for all Parisian burrito-makers (except for the geniuses at Chipotle): invest in a tortilla heater. Nobody likes a burrito stuffed, wrapped and smashed by a hot plate grill. By heating the tortilla before assemblage, the burrito keeps it shape and ultimately tastes better. Think about it.

Chido, 3 Rue Mouffetard (5th)

BocaMexa, 127 Rue Mouffetard (5th)


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