Café Lomi

I’ve gotten into the habit of hunting down the places on my Paris bucket list after class each day. With approximately four hours to kill, there’s no better way to spend the afternoon than sipping on coffee and blogging.

Last week I decided to venture up to the 18th arrondissement to check out Café Lomi. Now this section of Paris can be a hit or miss. There are the breathtaking views and artsy cafés of Montmartre contrasted with the more urban and rough foot of the hill. After taking metro line 4 all the way to Marcadet-Poissionniers, I got the feeling I was headed into an interesting area before getting off the train.

I’m typically a good navigator, especially with my Paris map in hand. The frustration of looking for the right street paired with the sketchy feel of the neighborhood sent me a little over the edge. But finally, as I approached the Périphérique (the perimeter of the city), I was put at ease to see Café Lomi in front of me. Talk about a diamond in the ruff…

The popular wholesale coffee supplier has recently carved a café inside of its facilities. The open floor plan features industrial design touches, comfy communal sitting areas and the most importantly, delicious coffee. After ordering a cappuccino and chocolate chip scone at the counter, I plotted down at a small corner table looking out over the café. There’s something about the place that conjures up feelings of creativity and relaxation. It could be that in the back of the café, you’ll find a factory, where coffee is brewed and tested. I can’t put the feeling into words except to say that what I ordered was beyond satisfactory, the staff was friendly and I was extremely productive during the hour I spent sitting there.

I scratched my head wondering if the other patrons has shlepped all the way out to the 18th like me for this divine coffee. But then I realized that Paris is a big place and even though I was in a questionable area, it was much more reachable for others than myself. As much as I would love to make it a usual spot, Café Lomi is a bit of a commute for me but I hope that others will stop in and warm up with a noteworthy cup of coffee and conversation.

Café Lomi, 3 ter rue Marcadet (18th)


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