Pamela Popo

There’s nothing more exciting than scratching off another place from my Restaurant To-Go List. I consult several Parisian lifestyle and food-related blogs daily. From Paris By Mouth to Hip Paris, I find almost all of my dining inspirations from local foodie reviews.

A few weeks ago my friend Alex came to Paris to celebrate her birthday. She’s been working in Dusseldorf for a few months and wanted to ring in her 24th in an exciting place with familiar faces. This special occasion gave me reason to finally try a restaurant at the top of my list – Pamela Popo

We luckily snagged the restaurant’s first reservation at 8 p.m. No need to fret over making it in time – my psycho time-oriented self made us sprint from metro to metro only to be seated in Pamela Popo’s trendy downstairs lounge until our table was ready a little past. I think I’m coming to terms with the non-rushed nature of Parisians and that the people here promote spontaneity and leisure. This is a new concept pour moi so I’m going to try to run with it from now on.

I’d been waiting to go to Pamela Popo for a special occasion due to its relatively steep prices. And when I say “steep” I mean in regards to my not-so-glamorous post-grad budget. Plats* range from 25 – 35 euros and if you’re not looking splurge and just want a nibble, entrées* priced between 10 – 15 euros will get the job done.

*Just FYI…plat = main course, entrée = appetizer. 

As we sipped the cheapest wine on the menu (which still ran about 25 euro per bottle), we were given a free double-shot size sample of spicy pumpkin soup. With fall in the air, I’d been craving pumpkin so this was extra delightful.

Complimentary Pumpkin Soup

At home in America, I’m not usually crazy about meat. I never used to crave a juicy steak or slab of pork chops. But now that I’ve been introduced to the finer side of meat eating, I find myself wooed by les viandes, hence why I ordered veal in a mushroom sauce with a side of whipped potatoes. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and I savored every last bite of it. I left full and happy and with no regrets about cashing in ¼ of my weeks’ paycheck for it.

Veal in mushroom sauce

Side of whipped potatoes

Sarah and Alex loved the sea bass dish they both ordered. That’s about all I can say since I was completely immersed in my own plate, but the white fish kept them talking for the rest of the evening. Smaller plates like the ravioli, looked and smelled delicious as well.

Whether it’s girls’ night out or a hot date, Pamela Popo is the spot for you. The dark and funky décor gives the place a sultry ambiance and the food aims to please. If you’re not in the mood to drop dimes on veal and sea bass, swing by for a drink in the downstairs bar.

Downstairs bar at Pamela Popo

Pamela Popo, 15 Rue de François Miron, Paris (4th)


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