Tartes Kluger

As if I need another reason to be obsessed with the northern Marais area, I had lunch at Tartes Kluger this past week. With some family in town from Budapest, I did research into affordable and delicious lunch spots that would satisfy my vegetarian sister-in-law’s palette while giving her and her husband a true taste of Paris.

Who doesn’t love tarts? From ol’ American chicken pot pie to traditional French quiche, there’s nothing better than a flaky, buttery crust full of hearty ingredients, especially in fall weather. Tartes Kluger is located off a side street of Rue Bretagne – home of le Marché des Enfants Rouges in the 3rd arrondissement. The restaurant features two long communal tables, a clear view of the open kitchen, wood floors, exposed stone walls and an earthy neutral color scheme.

Heather modeling the rustic interior of Tartes Kluger

The sweet table

My dream of ordering a you-pick-three at Panera Bread back home pretty much came true at Tartes Kluger. You can pick a savory or sweet tart from the available menu, which is then plated with the soup and salad du jour. Between the three of us, we ordered the Oven-Roasted Vegetable Tart, Sweet Potato and Leek Tart, and a meaty tart. Each heaping slice was complemented with hefty portions of an autumn-inspired soup and salad.

Our table of delicious tarts

Close-up of my Oven Roasted Vegetable Tart. soup and salad

If you’re looking for a hearty lunch in the Marais, grab a seat at Tartes Kluger for a real treat. Heather and Vic raved about our lunch all week and kept saying that we needed to return for a sweet tart. Although we didn’t get a chance to stop by again, I’ll definitely be dropping in for dessert sometime soon!

Tartes Kluger, 6 Rue du Forez, Paris (3rd)


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