Le Baron Rouge

If you’ve ever consulted me before visiting Paris, then I’ve probably given you my beloved Paris guide of restaurants and bars. At the top of that list you’ll find Le Baron Rouge – my favorite French wine bar.

Tuesday through Saturday evenings, a loyal crowd of 20- and 30-somethings spill out into the street, supporting their cheese and meat plates and wine bottles on available trashcans. Once through the doors and ruckus, you’re greeted with a rustic décor featuring a central barrel table, homemade wine glass chandelier and blackboard menu of available wines. Surfing in between the socializing youngsters, locals swing by on their way home from work to fill up their own bottles from the bar’s wine barrels. It may be bustling, but Le Baron Rouge couldn’t be more relaxed and down-to-earth.

Wine glass chandelier. Pinterest?

Wine barrels – locals come in to fill up individual bottles!

I finally found the time for wine and cheese at Le Baron Rouge before dinner last Saturday and nothing had changed. The cheese plate was the same – full of delicious chevre, a soft camembert-like cheese and Parmesan slices with slices of bread. And the wine (of course) brought happiness to both my palette and wallet. We shared a pot (rhymes with “hoe”) of red and squeezed into a spot around the central barrel.

Yummy cheese plate + wine

Someway, somehow despite the crowd, I’ve always managed to find a cozy spot to stand to enjoy my wine and cheese. Arrive early and you may be lucky enough to score a seat. Le Baron Rouge is the perfect place to sip an affordable glass of wine and chow down on delicious cheese, charcuterie and oysters while the sun goes down.

Many things in the bar give off a vintage feel, but perhaps the most retro feature you’ll find is the toilet. Or shall I say, drain? See for yourself…

Le Baron Rouge, 1 rue Théophile-Roussel, Paris (12th)


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