Reunited and it feels so good.

My temporary break up with baguettes and Nutella only reminded me how much I truly care about them. It was long week of temptation and resistance, but our love only grew stronger with time apart.  And I must admit, there were a few unavoidable indiscretions along the way.

Baguettes and I were sneakily reunited last Thursday evening after a little too much wine with friends. Of all places to be tempted, the basket of bread at a Spanish tapas place had to whisper sweet nothings into my ear. After giving into a few too many slices, I couldn’t be stopped from pinching a big hunk of baguette the following day on my way to work. Whoops.

Chocolate-y things snuck into my week as well. A morsel of chocolate bar and handful of chocolate cereal fell into my mouth each afternoon as I prepared snacks for the kids. Sorry? One or two pain au chocolats may have made it into my belly as well. Guilty. But never did I ever, for seven days, consume Nutella. Sure I’m ashamed of my lack of self-control in other areas but I’m also very proud of my Nutella feat.

What I learned from this “project”:

  • Everyone enjoys bits and pieces of chocolate-y snacks, Nutella and baguettes in small portions.
  • The French don’t overindulge, but they also don’t give things up cold turkey.
  • From now on, I aim to only take one itty-bitty square of chocolate bar at snack time, eat pain au chocolat on the weekend and indulge Nutella every so often.
  • Since bread is a staple of every French family’s diet for dinner, I’m going to try to limit myself to two slices per day.

Good luck to me!


One thought on “Reunited and it feels so good.

  1. What I would do to a baguette and some nutella right now…Not that I can’t find those things here in Bangkok but let’s just say it’s way easier to get my hands on some chicken fried rice (which, by the way, I’m newly obsessed with. Simple but delicious, I guess.)

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