Sunday Brunch at Coutume

Last week I struggled with choppy wifi and failed at fully developing an itinerary for my visiting friend, Rachel. If you know me, this is unacceptable.

The good news was that Rachel has been to Paris before so our plans included ditching the common touristy stops and focusing more on two of our favorite things: eating and drinking. On Sunday morning, we woke up with brunch on the brain. Nervous that we wouldn’t be able to catch a hip and hopping spot due to lack of reservation, I took the risk and we headed to Coutume in the 7th.


Shame on us for not leaving earlier. Although there was a line out the door, we decided to jump in and wait because the restaurant was beyond inviting and everyone seemed to be enjoying delicious (and heaping) plates of food. After about 45 minutes, the host finally squeezed us into a table.

Then we committed our next faux pas: not checking out the menu beforehand. I thought I’d seen in reviews that Coutume was “reasonably priced” and offered “a la carte” brunch items. False. There were three ordering options – one for 30 euros, 25 euros and 20 euros. What was even scarier was that I could barely translate most of the menu. We sat nervously in our seats and knowing we couldn’t possibly shell out 30 euros a piece for brunch so decided to share a plate.

It was hard to detect if our waiter thought this sharing move was strange or not. Whatever he thought of us, our plan worked. We ordered the 30 euro plate which included a baked potato with pesto garnish, sausage, scrambled eggs, ham, pastries, coffee and orange juice. We added a second coffee to round out our meal. Even though we split it, we were still stuffed. I couldn’t believe how many people around us were chowing down on their own separate 30 euro portions. Go big or go home, I guess?

Water served in a beaker

Rachel modeling her coffee

Delicious pastries with a side of vanilla jam (tastes like apple pie)

Beautiful (and equally delicious) cappuccino

30 euro plate of food

The aftermath

If you’re willing to splurge on brunch (without bottomless mimosas) then by all means, check Coutume out. It’s clearly one of the many hip places to be on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, I’d suggest stopping by for a coffee. They have a full coffee bar and apparently specialize in the brew. I’ll definitely be back with my computer to repose and blog over another cappuccino.

Coutume, 47 rue de Babylone , Paris (7th)



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