Pink Flamingo Pizza

My friend Rachel visited this past weekend from London. As soon as she stepped off the Eurostar and we dropped off her bags, we headed for lunch at Pink Flamingo. The name hints to the restaurant’s vibe – it’s fun, quirky and pink. The rocker-inspired pizza joint is covered wall-to-wall with art prints of the Che Guevera and Red Hot Chili Peppers kind. The last time I dined at the pizza joint was at its Marais location. I highly recommend this one, as it features a separate table inside of an old VW van. It’s just as cool as it sounds!

Pink Flamingo Canal

This time around we checked out the location in the 10th, where you’re given a pink balloon (signaling you’re a customer) and plop down anywhere along the canal for pizza delivery. This was the plan. But plans never go accordingly, do they? Instead – hungry as ever – we chose to sit inside to “guarantee” a faster lunch. Sadly, it felt just as long as waiting for delivery.

After what seemed like an hour (but was probably 30 minutes), our four pizzas landed on the table. Pink Flamingo pizzas are more about presentation and wacky flavor combinations than out-of-this-world taste and quality – although they are pretty yummy. It’s the place to go to let your palette explore exotic and traditional flavors, not to indulge in a traditional Italian pie. Between the five of us, we split four pizzas. The menu can seem a bit overwhelming as you’ll find pizzas of all ethnic inspiration. Here’s a rundown of our order, which I think turned out perfectly…

La Dante – roma tomatoes, mozzarella, basil

La Dante

L’Aphrodite – grilled eggplant, garlic, olive oil, red pimentos, house hummus


La Gandhi – sag paneer, baba ganoush, melted mozzarella

La Gandhi

*L’Ho Chi Minh – chicken and shrimp, green curry, lemon coconut milk, coriander, peanuts

L’Ho Chi Minh

*The group’s favorite pizza

The group (minus me) before chowing down

Traditional Italian – check. Greek – check. Indian – check. Vietnamese – check. Yep, we had quite the well-rounded, multicultural lunch sur un pizza. I’ll definitely be returning when I want to enjoy a long, leisurely meal by the canal or in the back of a van. You should to.

Canal St. Martin – where you can enjoy your Pink Flamingo pizza via delivery

Pink Flamingo Canal, 67 rue Bichat, Paris (10th)

Other locations:

Pink Flamingo Aligre, 23 rue D’aligre (12th)

Pink Flamingo Marais, 105 rue Vielle du Temple (3rd)

Pink Flamingo Montmartre, 30 rue Muller (18th)

Pink Flamingo Bordeaux, 12 place Fernand Lafargue (Bordeaux)

Pink Flamingo Valencia, Calle Pedro III el Grande, 7 (Valencia)


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