The Honeymoon is Over.

Last week marked my one-month anniversary in France. The time seems like it has flown but I also feel like I’ve been living here forever. Unfortunately, this four week-long, romantic reunion with certain French carbs and fat must come to an end. While I don’t have a scale and I can’t notice a change in appearance, I know the track I’m on is headed to danger. To put it simply, I’ve become a stage five clinger to two of my long lost loves: baguettes and Nutella.

With that said, I’ve decided to attempt the impossible. Next week I shall go where no Parisian has ever gone before. I will spend one full week without baguettes, Nutella, *cheese and other “chocolate-y” goûts (snacks). Yes, this includes French cereal too. Gasp.

Now don’t think I’m going to turn into one of the local anorexic models who consume cigarettes for dinner. Let’s be honest, could that ever happen? Non. Carbs and fat are still allowed, as they should be. I’m just going to try to “quit” these other tempting treats while proving how important they’ve become in young, French diets.

Most French women. Pas moi. (via

I’ve warned the girls (both kids and my friends) of my upcoming challenge and they are definitely looking forward to watching me attempt this feat. It only took a few days for them to figure out my lack of self-control and how much I love sneaking Nutella, baguettes and butter here and there. But NO MORE! It’s time for me to set an example and show that I can survive (at least) a week of saying “non.”

*When I say cheese, I mean that I’m eliminating “extra” cheese like hefty sprinkles of Emmental on pasta. If the opportunity arises, I’m allowed to have things like quiche or chevre chaud salads. And since I can’t eat baguettes, it’s pretty safe to say that my cheese consumption will automatically be slashed.


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