Day 1 of Challenge

Today has been more difficult than I imagined it would be. I’ve had to constantly remind myself that I can’t have a Nutella, baguettes or chocolate-y, delicious pastries. Here’s an overview of my top three moments of temptation…

Exhibit A: Breakfast. My friend Rachel is visiting and the natural response to morning hunger was to swing by a patisserie for a quick pastry on the way to the museum. Instead, I had to gobble down a yogurt before setting off to watch Rachel down a croissant and baguette au beurre. Rough.

Exhibit B: Le goût. At snack time I schmeared some Nutella on a roll for the little one. The knife ended up about a centimeter from my lips before I realized it was off limits. Boo.

Exhibit C: Daily bread duty. I stopped by the boulangerie to pick up the family’s two baguettes for dinner as I do every night. To ensure getting them in time, I went before picking up one of the girls from gymnastics. Note to self: don’t attempt a 20 minute walk with two fresh, hot baguettes in hand. Difficult.

But I did it! I resisted! Now just five more days of carrying baguettes under my arm without taking a bite…



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