Throwback: Monell’s in Nashville

Late again – shame on me. Warning: You need to be hungry for this Southern gem from my August trip to Nashville. The nostalgia from this meal makes me miss home (specifically the South) like crazy…

One of the benefits of taking a 3-hour bus tour around Nashville was learning about Monell’s restaurant. Now our bus driver was definitely a Tennessee native – accent, cigarettes and all. So trusting his advice about Monell’s was pretty big move. On Sunday morning, Papa Plys and I woke up early and headed to our country breakfast at the Southern spot.

Expecting a hole-in-the-wall country kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised to find Monell’s housed in a precious, old brick building. The exterior of the restaurant had so much character. After passing through the front iron gate, we were greeted by a few people sitting in the lovely courtyard, awaiting the restaurant to open.

When a waitress unlocked the door and shouted, “Come on in y’all!” Upon entering my dad pointed out a sign on the front door that read “Come as strangers, leave as friends.” Not only does the restaurant seat you at communal tables, but together you share a family-style meal, passing each plate around to the left. I knew we would chat it up with our tablemates, but I had no idea we would meet Papa Plys’ new best friends and fellow Atlantans visiting Nashville for a biking trip. They’ve been in touch ever since!

It seemed like mere seconds before a basket of biscuits and bowl of fresh peach preserves appeared on our table. Then came the cinnamon rolls, followed by corn pudding, grits, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and finally, fried chicken. No, I’m not joking. Every one of these items met my plate at some point during our breakfast. Well, except for the pancakes…I just couldn’t do the pancakes. Not because they looked disappointing (trust me they looked scrumptious) but I couldn’t possibly handle another bite of food that morning.


The beginning of my plate…

Plate progression…

Our table’s end result

This is going to sound sappy, but you really taste the love when you dig into your plate at Monell’s. Smiling is contagious as you’re greeted by a genuinely happy staff and surrounded by a table filled with hungry, happy strangers. If you’re in Nashville and craving some true Southern hospitality, skip on over to Monell’s and you won’t be disappointed.

The run-down of Monell’s hours

Monell’s, 1235 6th Avenue North, Nashville




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