La Briciola

On the narrow corner of Rue Charlot and Rue de Normandie, you’ll find La Briciola in Paris. I haven’t found a bad pizza in the city, but I’ve also never had one quite as good as this.

Before I get into the flavors, I must comment on the restaurant’s social climate. Almost always buzzing, La Briciola tends to attract hip late diners, who come in swarms with friends for bottle popping, chatter and good food. The young crowd create a scene that you immediately want to be a part of if walking by. From the clinking of glasses to showers of giggles, socializing is happening at La Briciola.

I visited the pizza place two years ago, and it was always somewhere I took visitors for a night of wine and deliciousness. Sometimes my Parisian friends and I would even skip going to a bar and invest our evening out sitting at La Briciola for a late dinner and bottles (and bottles) of wine. Still trying to navigate the new culinary scene in Paris, I decided to return with a group of friends two weeks back. For a girl that works until 8:30-ish p.m., La Briciola is a great dining option. It was no surprise that on a Thursday evening around 9:15 p.m., other groups were spilling out of the front door waiting for a table. With wine in hand, we waited until around 10 p.m. for a seat.

Friends waiting at La Briciola

Typically I’m the impatient one but at places like La Briciola, I’m not. I know my dinner is going to be delicious and that I can cope through the long wait with a glass of vino. When I took my seat and scanned the menu, it was as if a time machine transported me back to the old days – nothing had changed. My eyes were immediately fixated on my old favorite pizza, Capretta with zucchini, goat cheese, garlic, mozzarella and basil. Everyone else ordered different pies like the traditional Margherita and others with various combinations of quality meats and vegetables. All in all, I think everyone was satisfied and stuffed with their order.



La Briciola, 64 rue Charlot, Paris (3rd)


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