I must confess… I didn’t do my typical food research for my parents’ visit to Paris. I’d only been back for a week at that point and was still getting back into the groove of the city, let alone the culinary scene. Mama Shelter was the only pre-researched place  the rest of our dining adventures were spur of the moment decisions.

On their last night, my parents invited two friends in Paris to dine with us – Lisa Weldon and Julia Forbes. Lisa is my friend Emma’s mom, friend of the family and a one heck of a blog role model. She’s in Paris for a month walking every square mile of the city, “living wild in the second half of life” and reporting back to the world on her adventures. She’s so good that the Huffington Post just featured one of her posts last week. In addition, Julia joined the group while in Paris for a week. She works for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and was in Paris briefly while doing work at the Louvre. She was even kind enough to give my parents a private tour of the ole museum during their stay. As you can see, we had quite a creative bunch coming together for a meal.

We decided to meet for dinner in the 6th, since my parents and I were having a drink with my “boss family” beforehand. I spontaneously chose Fuxia, a contemporary-looking Italian eatery located adjacent to the Jardin du Luxembourg that I had spotted on my walk to and from work everyday. It always seems so bright and inviting, so I thought it would be a great place.

After a long day of work and walking, I had one thing on the brain: carbs. Then again, when do I not? The endless menu of pasta was the answer to my prayer. I settled on a special of rigatoni with white truffle cream and artichokes. Unfortunately I can’t recall the four other pasta dishes ordered, but I can tell you – and show you – that they were deeeee-vine. My only real experience with artichokes has been à la spinach and artichoke dip in America but after this dish, we became besties. We rounded out our delicious Italian meal with bottles of wine, a creative salad and several desserts (all of which I’m blanking out on).

Rigatoni with white truffle cream + artichoke

Fuxia is a great place if you’re looking for a modern take on Italian. The fresh concept is also a nice break from the traditional, Parisian bistros that line the Jardin du Luxembourg. I thoroughly enjoyed my carb-fest as well as the great conversation and company of friends and family. There are a few locations around Paris and according to a friend of a friend, the goat cheese lasagna is to die for. Looks like I’ll be trying that next time!

Fuxia, 13 Rue de Médicis, Paris (6th)


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