Caught in a Carb Romance

France is full of culinary successes. Wine, cheese, pastries, foie gras, bread…the list goes on and on. One French delight, however, is commonly overlooked in the world. It’s neither fancy nor expensive. In fact, you probably have a version of it in your pantry at home and eat it for breakfast. As if France needed to give the world more delicious carbs…

You guessed it! I’m talking about cereal. French cereal. Specifically, two brands: Cruesli and Extra Pepites. They may look average in your bowl and feature the standard cereal oats and small morsels of milk chocolate, but it’s magic. The Extra Pepites even feature roasted hazelnuts – an added touch that makes it my preferred choice.

I don’t know where Kellogg’s and Quaker get off not offering these delicious cereals in the United States but I suppose aprés my year as an au pair, I could return home as the cereal’s American representative.  If you’re in France anytime soon or feel like special ordering a box overseas, do it. Put down that croissant, toss your baguette and run to your closest grocery store and buy yourself a box of this cereal.


One thought on “Caught in a Carb Romance

  1. The cereal here in Bangkok is SO EXPENSIVE!! I’ve been eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast. It’s slim pickings…(Most people eat spicy curries and stuff with rice, just like in any other meal!)

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