Burger Up

Last Friday marked the end of an amazing summer internship at Green Olive Media in Atlanta. The design and public relations firm works primarily with food clients…my dream.

Since I was in Nashville two weekends ago with my dad, I couldn’t resist grabbing a bite at one of the firm’s clients, Burger Up. With a lot of exposure to the restaurant’s commitment to “thoughtful consuming”, I knew I was picking a worthwhile spot for lunch. We managed to beat the Saturday lunch crowd and scored a seat on the porch.

My dad, who I commonly refer to as “Papa Plys”, decided to kick off our “Father Daughter Weekend” with some booze. He ordered this “pretty” white sangria with blood orange puree.

To cure my 4-hour-car-ride hunger pains, I decided to splurge…on calories. Our sweet waitress recommended the “Ramsey” burger – apparently a fan favorite. With house made pimento cheese, pickles, red onion and bib lettuce, it definitely got the job done. Things got a little messy on my side of the table, particularly due to the pimento cheese. What’s a mess without me in the equation? For the first time in my life, I tolerated pickles on my burger. I don’t know what it was, but Burger Up’s fresh pickles rounded out the burger perfectly.

I was given the choice of sweet potato fries, truffle fries, fried Vidalia onion tower or steamed baby spinach. If you know me, you know what I chose. TRUFFLE FRIES. I thought I’d be sick of truffle by now, but these fries took my addiction to a new level. Topped with parmesan and paired with Burger Up’s house made ketchup and honey mustard aioli, the fries made my belly a very happy place.

Papa Plys decided to be somewhat healthy, opting for the Citrus Salmon burger with cilantro crème fraiche, shaved red onion and bibb lettuce. He really made me feel guilty with his side of steamed baby spinach, until he cleaned off my truffle fries afterward.

My favorite part of Burger Up was its location. It sits on the corner of 12th and Paris, in the laid back, hip 12th South neighborhood. Basically if I ever move to Nashville, 12th South will be my neighborhood of choice.

Burger Up, 2901 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN


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