Julia Child Restaurant Week

Julia Child Restaurant Week kicked off last Tuesday but I’m celebrating this week with two Julia Child-inspired adventures in Atlanta:

  • Mastering French Cuisine cooking class at The Viking Store – I haven’t taken a cooking class since I was little (yes…I used to do that) so I couldn’t be happier to attend this one with my mom tonight! With a Julia Child focus, the class will teach us to make classic French dishes like Beef Bourguignon and Classical Chocolate Soufflé!
  • Dinner at Bistro Niko – Apparently Atlanta’s hottest French restaurant is featuring Crepes Suzette, Supreme de Volaille aux Champignons, Sole Meuniere, and Julia’s Ratatouille this week . I’ve been waiting all summer to finally dine at Bistro Niko, so what better time than now to celebrate?!

Julia Child (source: prestonhollowpeople.com)

…if you don’t know who Julia Child is, you are wrong. She’s THE master of French cooking (literally…her book is called “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” ) and an American culinary icon. I’ve read her biography, “My Life in France” and seen the movie filmed about her life, “Julie & Julia” so I’m ready to get a real taste of her cooking this week!


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