Food Adventures: Ethiopian

When my friend Michelle suggested Ethiopian food for dinner the other night, I couldn’t help but scratch my head and Google the cuisine. I was unaware of the flavors and ingredients that go into the food, let alone where in the world an Ethiopian restaurant was located in Atlanta.

Well clearly I’ve been living in a bubble because there is a string of Ethiopian eateries on Cheshire Bridge Road. Our pick? Desta.

The four of us were seated on the awesome partially-covered patio at the restaurant. Desta was definitely the most “hopping” place offering Ethiopian fare and was overflowing with local fans. I felt a bit insecure when I opened up the menu to what looked like gibberish. Thanks to the help of our amazing waitress and Christie’s Indian friend, we learned about fan favorites and took it from there.

Christie, who is hands-down my most adventurous friend, went all out. She toasted her first Ethiopian meal with an authentic Ethiopian beer. Without hesitation, she ordered Kitfo as an appetizer. I shunned the starter  when I read steak tartare in its description but it came out looking like a quesadilla.  Her and Michelle seemed to love it, but I just couldn’t  shatter my rare meat phobia and instead, lived vicariously through them.

Each of us ordered a version of Tibs as our main course. I opted for lamb, which was cooked together with rice and vegetables, and a side of Miser, a classic Ethiopian lentil dish. It was delicious and exactly what I imagined it would be. Although I can’t name the spices, it offered a bit of a spicy kick and exotic flavors.  Paired with a pancake-like, spongy bread called Injera, I enjoyed (almost)  every last bite of my dish.

For my friend Michelle’s point-of-view on our Ethiopian adventure, read her post here.

Ethiopian beer



Michelle enjoying her tibs

My most adventurous friend posing with her plate of Ethiopian food

Sarah smiling as she digs in


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