Pin-spiration Friday

Fridays will now be Pin-spiration Friday. Since I sit at my computer pinning pretty things into the wee hours of the night, I might as well highlight one (or a few) of my favorite pins from the week. So to kick off this new weekly tradition, I give you the first of many pin-spirations

Spoon Collection Display

When my grandmother passed away last year, she left me her beloved spoon collection. As long as I can remember, my grandmother collected spoons from around the world. I grew up conditioned to buy Ma a spoon from everywhere I traveled. It was so serious that we’d wander all over the place and refused to leave wherever we were until a spoon was found. As beautiful as as her displays are, they’re slightly outdated. Thus, I was happy to find this beautiful, modern take on displaying spoons! It will most likely be costly and time-consuming to complete, but one day — when I’m rich and have a big house — I’m determined to do it.


One thought on “Pin-spiration Friday

  1. This just gave me a great idea for my grandma’s buttons. I have two big containers of buttons from her sewing box that I kept when she passed away. I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to ideas for her buttons, but I have not fallen in love with any of them. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

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