Ode to Father’s Day

I hope everyone had a terrific Father’s Day full of daddy lovin’. This year I was inspired by a creative DIY cake that I found on Pinterest. Surprised? ‘Twas an ode to my one of my dad and brother’s favorite sports…golf. It was easy to make and definitely a dad-approved crowd pleaser!

Couldn’t get more fatherly than that!

Easy-Peasy Instructions:

  1. Bake your favorite brand of chocolate cake
  2. Mix green food coloring into vanilla frosting (leave some white available)
  3. Cut out a round hole in the cake
  4. Spread a layer of white vanilla frosting
  5. Cut the corner of a ziploc bag and spoon frosting into it
  6. Pipe frosting around cake leaving room for sand trap
  7. Clean a golfball and plop into hole
  8. Tape toothpicks together and wrap a triangle cut out of paper for flag
  9. Accessorize with (clean) golf accessories (I added a tee)

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