No. 246

As a foodie, I’m obviously trying to seek out new restaurants in Atlanta this summer to love on and write about. This means branching out into different neighborhoods, finding my own secret spots and indulging in the ones that have been written up in magazines. With this mission, I’ve been handed over the power to choose places to eat when I’m going out with friends. CHA. CHING. I love this responsibility. 

First social outing this summer? To Decatur (or as my friends and I call it, “Da-cate-a!”). Right on the edge of Atlanta, Decatur is one of my favorite spots. It’s hip (with a wide variety of dining and shopping options) and it’s, well, cute. To me, it’s the place you want to be on a summer night. Everything is within walking distance, patios are bustling with live music and young people and you just can’t help but smile.

Restaurant of choice: No. 246This Italian-inspired hotspot is beautifully decorated with a combination of sleek and rustic accents. We went at 9 p.m. just when things around Decatur were become lively and young people were out to play. It was dark and romantic inside — the perfect setting for three best girlfriends, right? Since lighting was minimal that evening, the pictures I took were too unacceptable to post (even though they’re never that great).

To start, we shared a salad, which featured local greens, georgia peaches, treasure cave blue cheese and pistachios. We all agreed that this was a light and refreshing winner.

There are many ways to go about ordering with a group at No. 246. They have several starters and meat and cheese plates then pasta, pizza and plates as main courses. We opted to share a pasta and pizza. Slightly carb overkill, but undoubtedly delicious. Our pasta of choice was the Trofie with carbonara, bacon, crispy farm egg, backyard herbs, parmesan and cracked pepper. You can’t go wrong with cream-based pasta in my book and the added egg in the middle was an exciting touch.

We also had the Prosciutto pizza with rocket, prosciutto, garlic, mozzarella, grand pan ado and aged balsamic. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have chosen this pizza for the price. Instead, I probably would go with the standard Margherita or Mushroom Pie.

No. 246 (courtesy of

No. 246, 129 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, GA


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