The Bullpen Bucket List

No, you’re not dreaming. This is real. This is happening.

I apologize for my four month hiatus but balancing school, an internship and senior year revelry has filled up my plate and there has been no room for food blogging on it. As the countdown to graduation begins — 11 days (gasp) — I feel the need to report on my last meals in the Piedmont Triad before I depart for Hot’lanta.

You should know that I’ve been working at Habitat for Humanity with some of Greensboro, NC’s finest foodies. It was fate that my desk is located in the “Bullpen” and that my co-workers have so graciously kept a bucket list of restaurants that I must try before I leave. With 15 out of 23 left and only five days of my internship to go, a lot of eating must be done. Not to mention that I need to squeeze in time to dine at my favorite Elon joints.

The “Bullpen Bucket List”

Here we go…


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