Asian + Latin = Taqueria Tsunami

Remember Sushi Samba? Well now I bring you Atlanta’s own Asian/Latin fusion restaurant, Taqueria Tsunami.

At Sushi Samba, I was interested in ordering sushi with a South American flair, whereas at Taqueria Tsunami the must-have is one of their 12 eclectic tacos with an Asian twist. Coincidentally, it was my sister who introduced to me to the place (I took her to Sushi Samba). Well thank you to my always-in-the-know and savvy sis, we have a winner!

My suggestion is to order the “Tsunami Trio”, which gives you a choice of two tacos and a side. My tacos of choice were the Pacific Rim (grilled chili crusted Mahi topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and hoisen lime aioli) and the Aloha (grilled teriyaki chicken, topped with pineapple pico de gallo and Sriracha sauce). Both tacos offered a blast of exotic flavors. I had fried yucca as my side. If you’ve never had yucca, it’s a root vegetable similar to a potato. Essentially my tacos were paired with thick french fries. Not too shabby!

The Aloha (left), Pacific Rim (right) & Fried Yucca

The “Tsunami Trio” leaves you with that perfectly-full feeling. In my world, that’s not enough, therefore I couldn’t resist ordering dessert to finish off my experience! I now give you S’mores Egg Rolls. Yet another odd concoction I’ve found in egg roll form. They are pretty much what you would expect — filled with chocolate, marshmallow fluff and topped with powder sugar. YUMMY.

S'mores Egg Rolls

If you’re in the Buckhead area and have a craving for something light and different, stop by Taqueria Tsunami. Driving tip: the restaurant is located in the back of the building, which requires driving down a big hill in the back. Follow the sign to parking.

Taqueria Tsunami, 2293 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30309


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