The B.T.A. Panini

This past summer, I discovered the most amazing combination ever: Brie cheese, turkey & apple. After trying it in wrap and crepe form, I decided to recreate the heavenly marriage of ingredients in panini form, which I’ve officially dubbed the “B.T.A.” panini.

My first homemade B.T.A.

Not only is each bite as delicious as the first, but it’s ridiculously quick and easy to make. I used two pieces of nine-grain bread, a sliver of honey-baked turkey, a generous chunk of Brie, thin slices of a gala apple and a dollop of honey. Throw it on the George Foreman grill (or panini maker — oh you fancy, huh?) for approximately 10-minutes until the bread looks toasty and the Brie oozes out. Serve it up with a side of salad and you’ve got yourself a perfect, homemade lunch!

Day Two of B.T.A.

The crunch of toasted bread and crisp apple and the ooey-gooey goodness of melted Brie will convert you at first bite. Never again will you make the average turkey sandwich again.


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