$1 Sushi? Yes, please.

We all know that the city of Burlington is a hub of international cuisine.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit but if you really think about it, you can find anything your little taste buds desire in this bustling metropolis. A few weeks ago I was craving Asian food. I didn’t want the traditional go-to Red Bowl or Simply Thai though. Instead, I gave Anna’s Thai and Sushi a try.

Now two years back, Anna’s was located in downtown Burlington. I was working close by at the time, and we had Anna’s cater Firefly’s re-opening in May 2010. It was love at first bite and once a week after that I’d pick it up on my way home. I locked it away as my little secret around town since not too many of my friends (or any Elon students) ever ventured downtown for anything.

I was happy to discover upon returning from my semester abroad that Anna’s re-opened in a new, more convenient space on Church St. So what do you need to know about this Burlington gem? $1 sushi — that’s what.

Every Wednesday between 5-7pm you can get three pieces of sushi for $1 a pop. Talk about bang for your buck — Anna’s has started a dream deal. It takes about four orders to fill you up but for $4 you can afford to splurge on delicious appetizers and a glass of wine (always a plus!). You can’t go wrong with a side salad — complete with everybody’s favorite, signature ginger dressing. Anna’s also offers some of the best pot stickers and spring rolls around town. The edamame is “eh” but still a go-to if you’re looking for a pre-meal fill!

Pot stickers


Side salad with ginger dressing

An array of $1 sushi

On our first $1 sushi night (I’ve now been to three…), I couldn’t resist ordering my favorite dish at Anna’s — the panang curry with chicken. I definitely consider myself a curry buff. Whether it’s Indian or Thai, I love it all. Therefore I’d also consider myself a good judge of curry character and Anna’s definitely gets an A+. It’s AHHHMAZING.

Panang curry with chicken

Go get your noms on at Anna’s and be sure to stop by for $1 sushi on Wednesdays. You WON’T be disappointed — I swear.

Anna’s Thai & Sushi, 2455 S. Church St., Burlington


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