Flippin’ Out

Ah, the time has come for my first Atlanta dinner review.

The contender? Flip Burger Boutique. Does Richard Blais ring a bell? If not, let me jog your memory. The winner of Top Chef All-Stars (season 8), Blais opened the popular hotspot a few years back. It’s not your average burgers-on-the-BBQ kind of establishment. Picture a contemporary atmosphere darkly-lit with colorful artwork, funky white padded booths and disco ball lighting.

What’s even more outside-of-the-box than the decor? The food. Shame on you if you come to Flip solely for the burgers because the appetizers are equally as amazing. Blais has created a menu of Southern favorites with a big twist.

My friends and I started our meal with three sides: vodka battered onion rings, spicy bbq sweet potato tots and fried okra. Now anyone that knows me well knows that I LOVE fried okra. My grandmother, Ma, whips up some of the best okra you’ll ever have in your life (which I’ll save for a later post). Usually it’s prepared by cutting the okra horizontally into small cylinders that you can eat with a fork. The fried okra at Flip, however, is a little different. It’s vertically cut into strips, resembling french fries. Very fried french fries.

The onion rings and tater tots didn’t disappoint either. They were so good we ordered another round! Feast your eyes on these starters…

Sweet potato tater tots & vodka battered onion rings

Fried okra

How I managed to move onto the next course still baffles me. Good thing Flip prepares small hamburgers. Well, small in radius not height. I couldn’t resist the local beef burger with grass-fed beef, farm lettuce, heirloom tomato, grilled vidalia onion, chow chow, local cheese and coca cola ketchup. Yes, Coca-Cola, like the soda. I don’t want to burst your bubble when I confess that I didn’t detect much of a cola flavor but it was fun to imagine that there was!

Local beef burger

The noms-fest didn’t stop with my burger. Christie ordered the country fried chicken flip burger with curried pickles, shaved lettuce and srirancha. Odd considering Christie hates pickles but she seemed to enjoy it! Mary and Alison both had the heritage turkey flip burger with monterrey cheese, tomato, fresh avocado, pomegranate ketchup and alfalfa sprouts. It was another winner except none of us managed to finish our burgers since we stuffed our faces with appetizers beforehand — whoops!

Country fried chicken flip burger

Heritage turkey flip burger

 Now for the grand finale…

A milkshake. And not just any milkshake. A liquid nitrogen milkshake.

If that doesn’t intrigue you then I shall now introduce the flavors of these quirky shakes…nutella & burnt marshmallow, Krispy Kreme, key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, cap’n crunch & peanut butter foam, turtle & candied pecans, peaches & cream and pineapple upside down. 

The Francophile that I am obviously chose the nutella & burnt marshmallow. How I topped off such a large meal with a shake is beyond me but you can’t actually leave Flip without one…

Nutella & burnt marshmallow N2 milkshake

Long story short: I flipped out over Flip Burger and you should too!

Flip Burger, 1587 Howell Mill Road (Midtown Atlanta); 3655 Roswell Road (Buckhead, Atlanta); 214 Summit Boulevard (Birmingham, AL)

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