The memory of Sidetracks lives on…

Last summer, those of us at Elon experienced the death of the beloved restaurant, Sidetracks. It hasn’t been forgotten and has now been reincarnated into a more upbeat place called The Root. The menu may look a tad eclectic, but several Sidetracks favorites live on. Amen!

With all the hype that has built up over the last few weeks since its opening, I couldn’t help but stop by for my first meal back at Elon. Smart move.

We started our feast with the most attractive (and unique) looking appetizer on the menu: fresh edamame dip with crispy home-cooked tortilla chips, sliced cucumbers and carrots. I actually have no words. The idea of this dip is so simple yet so mind-blowingly (hey, I can invent words!) delicious. Not to mention it leaves you feeling shameless!

Fresh edamame dip

If there’s one thing that Sidetracks lovers can agree on it’s the island chicken caesar wrap. Well it’s back. I lost my breath when I saw it too so don’t feel ashamed. Smart move “Root”, smart move. For the newbies and those unfamiliar with Sidetracks grub (very unfortunate), the island chicken caesar wrap is a blend of island-seasoned chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan and caesar dressing. Sure it sounds simple but I guarantee that you’ve never had anything like it before.

Island chicken caesar wrap

One of the best new additions to the menu is the selection of sides. Where Sidetracks lacked in creativity, the Root has taken to an entirely new level. I chose the mac ‘n’ cheese. It isn’t like any of the fancy kinds I had in NYC but instead the good ole Southern baked macaroni. You just can’t beat that home-cooked style!

Mac 'n' cheese

If you want to go the healthier route, you must try the Asian salad with romaine lettuce, shredded cabbage, carrot, scallion, edamame, sliced almonds and wonton crisps with house-made ginger-soy dressing.  Everyone who’s had it can’t stop raving. My mom, who was with me for the glorious meal, won’t stop talking about the ginger-soy dressing. She even asked the waitress if she could buy a jug of it to take home!

Asian salad (pictured with shrimp)

Watch out Town Table because the Root is quickly becoming a smash hit. How much do you love the expanding food options on campus? I’m not complaining…

The Root Trackside, 110 W. Lebanon Ave. (Elon)


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