Piece of Cupcake

Cupcakes from Piece of Cake in Atlanta

We all have that go-to bakery we’ve grown up going to. For me, it’s been Piece of Cake in Atlanta. My family has ordered pretty much every birthday cake from the place over the past 21 years. I even went to birthday parties there — where we’d sit at tables in the back room learning to bake and decorate their amazing, homemade cakes. And just the other day, while at home, I learned that the store has expanded…to five locations.

I’m happy that everyone from Buckhead to Dunwoody (for you fellow ATLiens) can get a bite of the magically delicious baked goods at Piece of Cake, however, I feel as if a huge secret has been leaked and now the entire city will know where to get my favorite cake in Atlanta! [Enter pouty, childish sigh here…]

My mom and I were in the Vinings area the other day and stumbled upon the grand opening of Piece of Cake’s newest location — ironically situated next door to my family’s favorite Chinese restaurant, China Moon. The two of us couldn’t resist stopping by and perhaps, having a mid-afternoon dessert. The new store doesn’t have a kitchen, but takes orders and sells cute party supplies/decorations, cake slices and cupcakes. Big and small cupcakes. I instantly had an irresistible urge to purchase a mini red velvet, caramel and carrot cupcake.

I knew it would be impossible for my childhood, Southern bakery to skimp on the key red velvet quality in their red velvet. It was DELICIOUS. I wish there were more food adjectives to express the perfection of the red beauty I bit into. Silky, cream cheese frosting atop a flawless cake with just the right balance of chocolate and mystery. Piece of Cake has survived and grown tremendously over the last 25 years for a reason and I urge you to stop by one of their five locations to see for yourself!

Piece of Cake, 3215 Roswell Rd. (Buckhead), 10971 Crabapple Rd. Suite 1300 (Roswell), 307-A East College Ave. (Decatur), 1155 Mount Vernon Highway (Dunwoody), 3220 Cobb Parkway #101 (Vinings)

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