The Last Supper

Remember those crepes I so desperately wanted to try but couldn’t? Well on my very last day in the city, I marched down to Chelsea Market after work to finally get one from Bar Suzette Creperie. And this time (thank god) it was open.

It was a proud moment. The last time visiting my favorite NYC market, my first meal alone all summer and nostalgia for France all wrapped into 20 minutes. I’d been eying Bar Suzette for months now, so I didn’t hesitate when ordering the apples and brie crepe, complete with local NY apples, French Brie, honey, market greens and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

You haven’t lived until you’ve bitten into this thing. The warm, melted brie; sweetness of honey; tanginess of apples; and savory bite of the greens and vinaigrette made each bite different. This is going to sound extremely cheesy, but I sat at the table (alone) eating my crepe with a huge smile on my face. That exact moment was the most perfect moment; one that I’ll never forget. If only I had room in my belly for a Nutella and banana crepe

You don’t have to be a Francophile to appreciate a crepe like the one I had. If you go to Chelsea Market, GO TO BAR SUZETTE.

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