Un goût avant le dîner

Before our extravagant dinner at Sushi Samba, Molly and I decided to be French and indulge in a wine and cheese appetizer. Since I was out of my dorm and staying with her in the Upper East Side, we explored the neighborhood for the perfect spot. We decided on her friend’s suggestion and popped into UVA — no, not the college — a local, rustic wine bar.

I like to think I’m a cheese whiz (no pun intended) so I designed our cheese plate. I was immediately drawn to the caciotta al tartufo, which was described as cow’s and sheep’s milk with Tuscan truffle (the harder cheese in front of plate, below). This summer, I’ve fallen in love with truffle oil. It’s actually impossible not to like something seasoned, or doused, with the stuff. This cheese was no exception — très délicieux!

In addition to the truffled cheese, I ordered the mozzarella di bufala, or buffalo mozzarella. It’s the most high-end and amazing mozzarella you can find. It offered a nice balance to the bold truffle flavor of the other cheese. Paired with good wine, baguette slices and grapes, this goût was tasty and satisfying!

Our cheese plate at UVA

UVA offers the perfect ambiance for a sunset wine and cheese hour with friends. Sit outside on the front patio for the perfect people-watching spot!

UVA, 1486 Second Ave. #A (Upper East Side)

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