Sushi Sambaaaaaa

What do you get when you add Brazilian and Peruvian flavors to sushi? Sushi Samba, that’s what.

My sister graciously brought along a $50 Open Table gift certificate with her to NYC, which meant the two of us could splurge on a nice meal together. A friend had recommended the “ultra-trendy” Sushi Samba to me so I thought it would be a fun way to end Molly’s trip. You may recognize the name from the Sex & the City scene when Samantha throws her martini at Richard. And hey, anywhere that Samantha goes, we should go too!

With the $50 credit, Molly and I had no qualms about indulging. We ordered anything and everything that caught our eye, starting off with mango saketinis. The restaurant’s menu is filled with flair — adding a Latin kick to traditional sushi and Japanese favorites. Even the edamame had its own special lime seasoning, which we tried and loved.

Note to self: ALWAYS ask the waiter what he/she likes before ordering.

We were tantalized by the steamed scallop dumplings, but asked our waiter what he thought first. Wise choice because he shook his head and said no and instead suggested the sea bass skewers with Peruvian corn. This was no usual corn; they were as big as chickpeas! Overall, this small plate was a perfect starter. Too bad we didn’t ask his opinion on the tempura vegetables beforehand because it was a $10 let down.

(Please excuse the poor photography — Sushi Samba is dark!)

Sea bass skewers with Peruvian corn (yes, that's corn!)

Our meal was already off to an exotic start, but then we ventured to the sushi menu. My eyes (and stomach) were immediately fixated on the Samba Park Roll with spicy lobster, scallion and passion fruit mustard. We’d never had lobster in our sushi — probably because it’s très cher but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We also shared the Green Envy Roll, which featured a wasabi pea crust, tuna, salmon, asparagus, and aji amarillo-key lime mayo. Not your typical spicy tuna roll, eh? Both were equally wowing and delicious!

Samba Park Roll

If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere and exotic dishes, get your samba on at Sushi Samba. Think outside of the box with your order and take advantage of the adventurous, Latin-infused offerings!

Sushi Samba, 87 Seventh Ave. South or 245 Park Ave. South

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