And the “Mac” Star is…

Y’all remember S’mac, right? Everyone’s favorite macaroni & cheese spot in NYC? Well I may have found its biggest competitor…

Mac ‘n’ cheese restaurants might as well be the new cupcake and froyo fad. Not only is it offered pretty much everywhere (in NYC at least) but now restaurants are springing up with menus dedicated solely to the cheesy guilty pleasure.

With that said, I must now introduce Macbar — the most recent craze. The SoHo hole-in-the-wall offers unique mac ‘n’ cheese combinations — like S’Mac — that are sure to excite your taste buds. Want some lobster in your mac? Done. A little duck confit? Sure, why not?

The best part about the menu is that it’s offered next door at Delicatessen. So if you want a more hip, open space to enjoy your “mac lobsta'” you can plot your tush at the trendy hotspot two steps away. That’s what Bonnie, Jo Beth and I did when we ventured  to SoHo for our mac-fest. Macbar seemed a little too small and claustrophobic so we were happy to learn we could enjoy our early evening at the breezy Delicatessen.


Since a bigger menu was put in front of us, we decided to add some non-mac ‘n’ cheese to the mix. The three of us ordered the white sangria as a cocktail and the cheeseburger spring rolls to start. Hold up, cheeseburger spring rolls?! Yep. It probably won’t surprise you when I tell you that Delicatessen is owned by the same guys who own Cafeteria — my favorite macaroni and cheese spring rolls joint. They like to get crafty with the traditional Chinese appetizer and the ones at Delicatessen were impressive.

Cheeseburger spring rolls

Cheeseburger spring rolls

Now don’t think we forgot what we came for. Ah, yes, the macaroni and cheese. Bonnie followed the waiter’s suggestion and ordered the four cheese complete with queso blanco, fontina, emmental and gouda cheeses. I was in the mood for a little something extra, so I went with the “mac’shroom” with roasted “magic” mushrooms, fontina, mascarpone, and truffled essence. Both were delicious, but in the battle for the best, the four cheese definitely won.

Four cheese

Mac 'shroom

Mac 'shroom


Lettuce wraps

Jo Beth opted for something different — knowing deep down that she’d get a few bites of our mac. She ordered the chicken lettuce wraps, which were phenomenal. Whether you’re a mac fan or not, you can’t go wrong at Delicatessen. Like Cafeteria, the menu seems to have something for everyone. But before you say that S’Mac is the only place for mac ‘n’ cheese in ole Manhattan, think again. You might just like Macbar more…

Delicatessen/Macbar, 54 Prince St. (SoHo)

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