Hundred Acres (of deliciousness)

My sister, Molly, came to visit me during my last weekend in NYC. She has since been inducted into my “food frand” group (an exclusive honor) because we shared some of the best meals I’ve had thus far in the city. The morning after our spinach dip pizza extravaganza, she took me to one of her favorite brunch spots in the city called Hundred Acres. When she mentioned it was featured on Gossip Girl, I was immediately sold.


Instead of a mimosa-filled brunch that I’m sure Blair and Serena would have shared at the French-inspired SoHo restaurant, Molly and I decided to go alcohol-free to save both money and a headache. The lack of cocktails was made up for by the delicious food. Hundred Acres offers something for every palette from shared plates to sweet indulgences. I wasn’t too creative with my soft scrambled eggs with cheddar, fava beans and cornbread but sometimes you just need something simple.

Molly was the more adventurous one, ordering the “plato pasado” with crispy corn tortillas, chili, two fried eggs, pickle salad and cilantro with a side of the cheesy jalapeno grits. All together it was a Mexican breakfast explosion that tasted just as good as it sounds. Paired with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (sans Champagne), our meal left us full until dinnertime.

Soft scrambled eggs & cornbread

"Plato pasado"

Cheesy jalapeno grits

Hundred Acres, 38 MacDougal (at Prince St.)

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