Spinach Dip Pizza

No, you didn’t imagine the title. I, in fact, had pizza topped with spinach & artichoke dip last weekend. You can find this big slice of heaven at Artichoke Pizza.

About a million people told me I had to go before leaving NYC, and how could I possibly pass up the marriage of two of my favorite things? And it definitely lived up to the hype. It was everything I imagined it to be, but turned out to be very filling. The four of us struggled finishing the whole pie, but were blessed with leftovers, which I sadly didn’t get.

Mmmm...can't you just taste that grease?

Considering the limited time I had left after trying Artichoke Pizza, I didn’t think I would have it again this summer. False. On my last night in the city, my friend Jo Beth, who I was staying with,  asked if I wanted a slice because she was getting one for dinner. At first I said no. But then I realized it would be too long before I’d have another bite of the dream.

The second go-around

Two down, 10 to go. In one week? Tune in for bucket list updates…

Artichoke — Basille’s Pizza & Bar, 328 E. 14th St. (East Village), 114 10th Ave. (Chelsea), 111 Macdougal St. (Greenwich Village)

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